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.stylist levels.

At Shear Passion we have a level system for our stylists.

There are 5 levels

A promotion to each level is based on a number of factors, including: demand on time, skill, experience and education. As a stylist moves up in levels, you will see a small increase in the costs of their services. This is reflective of the investment they have made in their professional development.

Guests may choose any level stylist that best fits their needs and budget.

Keep in mind, we work as a team, so feel free to have services with as many

different stylists as you’d like!

Level 1 or Protege stylist

  • up to 3 years experience

  • strong focus on building clientele

  • Learning speed of services

  • dedicated to continuing education

Level 2 or Designer stylist

  •  4-7 years experience

  • requested for rebooking

  • competent in advanced hair coloring and cutting techniques

Level 3 or Senior stylist

  • 8-11 years experience

  • technically precise in advanced skills

  • certified to perform specialty services

Level 4 or Master stylist

  • 12-15 years experience

  • mentor to younger stylists

  • editorial work

Level 5 or Executive stylist

  • 15+ years experience

  • active educator

  • exceptional skills in coloring and cutting techniques

  • industry leader

  • mentor to all stylists

Independent Stylist

    This is not a level for the salon- but a classification. These stylists do not work FOR Shear Passion. They work WITH Shear Passion. These stylists are in charge of ALL things for their business. Shear Passion is only the host of their business.

You will find they use their own booking system and set their own schedule and prices. Hours and services may vary with these stylists. 

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