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.hello gorgeous.

.what to expect for your salon experience.

WELCOME!! It is our privilege that of all the stylists in this area, you chose ours to assist you with your beauty needs!

Your experience begins when you reserve your appointment online. You can use the  BOOK HERE button on your stylists page, where you will be directed their exclusive online booking site.  Once you save your reservation, you can expect a reminder to be sent via email or text a few days before your scheduled visit. Please note our policies for any reschedules that must be made.

When you arrive the day of your visit, you will be greeted by your stylist. She/he will offer you a complimentary refreshment of your choice. We offer an array of beverage and snack options that vary by the season, and water is always readily available. Next they will hang your coat and show you to your seat. Here you will go thru a consultation process to discuss your hair goals and develop a plan for this visit and future visits to ensure all of your goals are met.

If you are here for color, a formula will be custom blended for you and recorded in her computerized database so that it is always ready and waiting at each visit.

Once time to shampoo you will be escorted to the lather lounge. Here you will receive an experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The scalp massage alone will melt all your stress and worries down the drain. Never had one before? You will be in for a treat!

Finally, your stylist will create a cut perfect for your lifestyle and overall goals and polish it off with a smooth blowout. Want to leave curled? No problem we do that too.

Your experience will be wrapped up with our take-home recommendations and the setting up of your next visit.

We can not wait to welcome you!

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