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Shear Passion has partnered with [OV] church to raise and give money to Mission Coalition India. Mission Coalition India (MCI) was established to equip local pastors to reach their respective villages through prayer, evangelism, vision, strategy and rapid multiplication, planting gospel centered churches in villages throughout India.

India has a population of 1.3 billion people, of which nearly 98% are still unreached/lost.

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Supporting international ministry by

   introducing  LOST CHANGE.

When challenged to reach the unreached to share the gospel, support is always needed in a variety of forms. Sometimes with missionaries, sometimes with pastors, and sometimes with money; including change... especially lost change waiting to be a part of something BIGGER.

In the salon you can find a collection jar for all that lost change you may have in your pocket, or purse, or even your car that you would like to repurpose to support MCI.  

Want to give more than change? You can do that too by giving online. Just click the [OV] church logo above to send support directly to MISSION COALITION INDIA 

collecting change for change

.i once was lost,

          but now i'm found.

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