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New Year. New Me

RESOLUTION: noun; a firm decision to do or not do something.

It is that time of year again- you know...the time where we reflect on the year and set goals we want to achieve for the new year to come. Goals that make us better, fitter or richer. We are going to "actually stick to it this year" Right?! When in reality we will more than likely forget what it was we were striving for by January 31st. Why do we do that? Can you relate?

I know I can, and I refuse to throw in the towel on myself this year. This year my resolution is to make changes to my business that will help it grow and stick to them!! I will create and maintain a business website and blog.

If you are reading this then that means you have found my new shiny website!! Part 1 to my 2019 resolution....tell people you have a business. Makes sense right?? It only took me 5 years to realize and only one month to build. I hope you like it!

I am sharing this with you all to ask you to keep me accountable. Accountability is the key to sticking to a goal. Each month i will post a new monthly special on the website and a new post to the blog.

You can check back here regularly to see the latest. Feel free to email me inspiration! I hope you will make a resolution this year that will bring more happiness to your life!



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My sweet Adora, you are not only an awesome, fantastic stylist, you really are very good at this blogging thing. 👍🏼 Keep up the wonderful stories of inspiration. ❤️

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