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New year. New Mommy

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

It's true what they say..." mommin' aint easy" It can be the toughest hood out there! I am a mommy of 2 boys, 7 and 1, and I know first hand how busy and chaotic mom life can be. Boys never sit still. Just when I thought I had a handle on this whole mom thing- we have another one. What were we thinking right?!

For me the first year is the hardest. Recovery, sleep deprivation, constant nursing demands, learning how this little bundle of joy communicates, shots, and schedules. These are only a few of the battles to be won in the first year. A lot of time is invested in that first year. As a family we all have to learn what it means to have a new baby in the house. We all have to step up to help out more. If you're anything like me, and I know there is at least one of you reading this, a clean house equals a relaxed momma. I mean it, there is such a difference to the household vibe when the house is cleaned versus a wreck. But with a new baby and an energetic 7 year old, there were a LOT of times in that first year I fell behind. Laundry was overflowing hampers, both sinks were full of dishes, and the dog hair was everywhere. It stressed me out. So much so, that I committed to myself that I was going to start mommin' differently. By making my life a little easier and taking care of myself as well as my family. You know you can't pour from an empty cup, and that is what I had been doing for far too long.

I want to share with you all a few things I have begun to use that has made mom life a little less like rush hour traffic and more like a Sunday cruise. It all starts with my planner. Each month I write down all my bills and when they are due on the month view. Each week I plan out 6 of the 7 meals I will try to make that week. This makes planning my groceries a lot easier as well. I also fill in any special events or appointments, and write a list of things I want to get done that month. Then each week I tackle a few of those to do's. This helps me get it out of my head and satisfies my type A personality by having a plan for the month.

Next Groceries....ughhhhh!! Every time I go to the grocery store it seems like I always spend an hour there at least-no matter the size of my list. That gets harder to do once you have an established nap time with a new baby. There had to be a way to not feel like I spent my entire day off at the store. Do you feel this way too?! Well there is a solution. Grocery pickup!

(insert heavenly music) I was skeptical a first, but Wal-mart grocery pick up is free! Once I read that I was sold. The app is very user friendly and I have yet to be unsatisfied with the items they substituted or selected for me.

This last one is probably my favorite, a house cleaner. Now hear me on this. I know that having someone clean your house is a luxury and may make me sound a little lazy or even well off.

But I am neither of those. I worked my budget around to make it happen and she only comes once a month. I still clean a little everyday but she helps me get that deep clean. She told me how amazing the O-cedar spin mop is, and how I should get one. I bought one for myself for Christmas. It is just as amazing as she said it would be. The spinner on the bucket takes out just enough water so its not soaking the floor. Goodbye swiffer! My oldest even loves to use it, Talk about win-win. Mom gets the floors really clean AND has help doing it!!

With more time in my day with these little life hacks I can work ON my business to help that grow, spend more time with my family and have a little me time. Shoot, with how clean the bathrooms now are I may even take a bubble bath- after the kids are in bed of course!

Next up on my list of new gadgets to use is the instant pot. I'll need to stock up recipes

on pinterest first!

My next big purchase will be a Shark vacuum. Those things are BA.

Tell me in the comments below what it is you use to make mom life easier. I want to know!



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2 commentaires

Adora Alffonsine
Adora Alffonsine
11 janv. 2019

I just used my instapot last night!!! Food was great and so easy to use!! 1 pot clean-up! #instapotfan


Katie Dininny
Katie Dininny
10 janv. 2019

I love grocery pick up! & instapot! Here’s to new year and new things! CHEERS!


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