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New Year. New Wife

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I can't help but get into my 'feels' this month. I want to be a little transparent here, and talk about my love and my protector, my husband. Well, not about him specifically- but US.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend you read The Five Love Languages written by Gary Chapman. You will gain HUGE insight on how you best express love, and survey your significant other on their love language. It will break down how to understand your love language, then how to meet and speak your spouses love language. This is a fantastic way to better your communication in your relationship.

Lets be real- most arguments start over poor communication and unexpressed expectations. This book helped me realize that we all express and feel love differently. I'm pretty sure I cried while reading this book, because here it was- a solution to meeting each others needs better!! I want to be a better wife to my husband. I want to serve him better. I want to love him better. I want to pray for him better.

His love language is quality time and acts of service, mine is words of affirmation and touch. As you can see we express love VERY differently. I believe it is SO important to understand and meet the needs of that special someone in your life, because if you don't.... that opens the door for someone else to. It's a sad, sad reality that this happens. My job brings all sorts of stories to my chair. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Satan is always looking for an opportunity to attack. He waits until we are most vulnerable. NOT TODAY SATAN!

Bottom line, all relationships take constant care, prayer and attention. I want to make an effort to ask him less for help with the kids and dishes, and ask him more about his dreams and desires of his heart.

We, as a couple, strive to be husband and wife first, daddy and mommy second, and everything else third. Which brings me to DATE NIGHT!!!!!

One of my favorite days of the week. I LOVE getting pretty and going out with just my husband. It meets his quality time, then he gives me good words of affirmation because he likes when I get (extra) pretty just for him!! It's a win win!! Our next date night is going to be at Tribal Axe in Virginia Beach. ((( shhhhh he doesn't know yet and I don't know if he reads my blogs!))) For my local readers, I heard this is really fun. For my non-local readers, this is a place where you can go and throw axes at targets. Don't worry, they will teach you how to throw it after you sign the waiver of course. Sounds fun right?! My husband loves air soft, paint ball, and the range, so I think he will have a blast at Tribal Axe.

I want to know what are your favorite date night spots or things to do? Tell me good places to eat too, we like food. Share in the comments below!!



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Adora Alffonsine
Adora Alffonsine
Feb 03, 2019

I had to share this email I got. Thanks for reading! But a bigger thanks for your encouragement!! 💓💓

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